Coordinated Systems, Inc. Enhances Virtual Observer WFO Solution with Agent Timeline to Answer What’s Up with the Down Time

PRESS RELEASE: Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI) is pleased to announced the general availability of a new quality management feature in the Virtual Observer (VO) Workforce Optimization (WFO) Solution. The new feature, the “VO Agent Timeline” allows for supervisors to view agent workdays in a visual manner, across a timeline of captured events.

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“VO Agent Timeline” is an included feature in the Virtual Observer WFO suite. Virtual Observer is already loaded with more bundled quality monitoring and workforce optimization features than any other WFO suite on the market. Now with the introduction of VO Agent Timeline, there is an alternate way of viewing a day’s events – with each interaction being color coded for event type.

This carries on a tradition of innovation following the release of the “VO Live for Agent Assistance” toolset, which allows supervisors to interact with agents in real-time, or even take control of their screens if they need help navigating their systems or assisting callers, and “VO Agent Webcam Recording”, which captures agent cubicle activity for body language and other metrics for improvement.

With the Agent Timeline view, Supervisors can quickly see a landscape view of recorded phone calls, screen captures, chats or inactivity during their day. By simply clicking on the icon for the recorded event, a playback session can be initiated or the event can be evaluated, all in the same window.

“Agent Timeline” can also be effective for monitoring workday habits of new hires, where supervisors can quickly spot activity holes. This becomes even more valuable when used in combination with built-in agent webcam recording, where clicking on an empty block in the timeline will open the recorded event in Virtual Observer.

VO Agent Timeline also can be customized through querying to illustrate a specific group of agents or a specific period of time. Useful queries can be saved as favorites for everyday or later use. “This is a unique feature in the contact center / workforce optimization tool set, and it’s one which can prove to be a huge value for performance-minded contact centers,” added Rich Marcia, Marketing Director for CSI.